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We worked with Matador Network and Travel Manitoba to shoot and edit a NATJA award winning dual-season tourism campaign of two videos - each focused on the remote subarctic village of Churchill but telling two very different stories in very different weather. 

In the summer, we chased polar bears on land and beluga whales in the Hudson Bay and in winter, chased the northern lights in extreme cold on the frozen tundra - both unforgettable experiences in this remote and special part of the far north. 

Manitoba Summer: The Polar Bears of Churchill Wild 

This video highlights the short summer polar bear tourism season in the subarctic region of Churchill, Manitoba. We focused on the experience of photographer Quin Schrock to bring to life the guest experience at the Seal River Heritage Lodge - a luxury off grid basecamp outside of Churchill in prime polar bear and beluga whale habitat. 

Our Role: Cinematography and editing

Production Company: Matador Network

Additional Camera: Piotr Wancerz

Client: Travel Manitoba

Lodging Partner: Churchill Wild

Manitoba Winter: Life Under the Lights 

This video focused on the unique characters behind the tourism industry of Churchill. We spent time with an astrophotographer to learn about the science of the Aurora Borealis, interviewed a veteran driver of the giant off-road tundra buggy vehicles, talked about food with the chefs at a luxury outdoor dining experience, and learned about the native culture with a Metis sled dog guide. 

Our Role: Cinematography

Production Company: Matador Network

Additional Camera and Editing: Piotr Wancerz

Client: Travel Manitoba

Lodging Partner: Frontiers North


2021 North American Travel Journalists Association Awards

  • Best Travel Video (Bronze Award Winner)

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