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About Us

We believe that everyone has a story to tell - from the one-person small business to the local non-profit to the global corporate brand. We’re with you every step of the way - from initial concept ideation, to production, to distribution - to create visual stories that both move the viewer and satisfy the overall goals of our clients.

We pride ourselves on telling authentic visual stories that evoke genuine emotional responses - stories that motivate and inspire and make the world a better place; stories with a soul.

Our Team


Brian Lewis - Owner and Creative Director

Pronouns: he/him/his


Brian is an award-winning filmmaker, obsessive outdoor adventurer, seasoned traveler, unapologetic coffee snob and happy dad. Through it all is a never-ending quest to tell inspirational stories and document the beauty of the world - from the wilds of his Colorado backyard to the remote edges of the planet.


He’s helped execute successful video advertising campaigns for major brands like GMC, Mitsubishi Motors, REI, Visit Jordan, Travel Nevada, Airstream, Go RVing, Visit Scotland and the Colorado Tourism Office.


Our Freelance Crew


We work with a variety of highly talented freelance creatives to build a custom crew to match the needs of each project. Need a skilled cinematographer to chase down a backcountry skier? Or a licensed drone pilot to shoot your construction project? How about a motion designer to animate a product demo? Maybe a photographer to capture some high quality stills to supplement your video content? We’ll dig through our rolodex of awesomeness to make sure the right people are on the job.

\ˈsōl \ˈmoun-t(ə)n\

The Utes called it Sun Mountain because it was the first mountain touched by the morning sun. The Spanish translated it to Montaña del Sol and later American settlers renamed it Pikes Peak - ironically after the man who couldn’t climb it.


Based at the foot of this mountain, SolMtn Studios is a tribute to:

  • the traditional stewards who came before

  • the natural beauty and mountain landscapes of the place we call home

  • the soul we hope to stir with the stories we tell

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