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Travel Video / Destination Marketing & Promotion


We worked with Matador Network, Travel Nevada and Airstream to create an ADDY-award-winning tourism campaign of four videos - each telling a unique story highlighting one of Travel Nevada's branded roadtrip itineraries in different areas of the state.

Over four separate shoots, we traversed the entire state - from the nightlife scene of Downtown Las Vegas and the deserts of Death Valley in the south, to the high alpine ski resorts of Tahoe and the vast ranches of the "Cowboy Corridor" in the northeast. 


Our Role: director, cinematography and editing

Production Company: Matador Network

Client: Travel Nevada, Airstream

Portraits of Northern Nevada 

We followed photographer Giles Clement along the "Cowboy Corridor" across Northern Nevada - uncovering the deep traditions of the region and its people by taking stunning glass portraits using his homemade ambrotype camera and mobile darkroom.


Talent: Giles Clement


2020 Reno ADDY Award

  • Best of Show, Overall Winner

  • Branded Content & Entertainment Campaign (Gold)


Dadventures: The Origin Story

An adventurous father and son take reconnect with their family heritage on the Lake Tahoe Loop. They play in the powder in the mountains and dig into some rich Nevada mining history in Virginia City.


Talent: Wade Holland, Pat Holland

Woman Road Warrior

Solo traveler Ashley road trips on the "Death Drive" - a loop outside of Las Vegas going from below sea level in Death Valley to over 11,000 feet at Mount Charleston.


Talent: Ashley Renne

Love Nest

A couple renews their wedding vows at a drive-through wedding chapel in Las Vegas and takes a road trip on the Free Range Art Highway to Reno.

Talent: Aaryn Walker, Aaron Hapgood

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